Holy BLANK on the Wizard Product Review

I’ve written tons of reviews for this blog, but last week I was put on the other side of the situation. My trick Holy BLANK was reviewed on the Wizard Product Review. I’ve seen every episode of David Penn and Craig Petty’s online review show and I’ve become a big fan. I eagerly await each week’s program, and really respect both guys’ opinion. This week I noticed that my name was in the description. I was on the edge of my seat! What would they think of my product? Watch below to find out.

So, another positive review for Holy BLANK. Yippee! Here are what a few others have had to say about it as well.

“I received Holy Blank yesterday, and I wanted to let you know how amazed I am. Your thinking is refreshing and truly diabolical. The directions are well written and the presentation and handling are superb. I own the other effects within this genre, but this by far is the best. My strongest critics are my wife and son who were simply blown away. It’s nice to purchase an effect that exceeds your expectations. This is my best purchase of 2009.” – Frank Heller

“Very, very clean and fair. Really hits people hard. The psychological touches employed throughout this trick are really important and well thought out.” – Scott Johnston

“Excellent trick…very well thought out. The idea that any card can be named is tossed around a lot lately but here it really packs a punch. Definite value for the dollar.” – David R. Fernandes

If you like the effect, you can purchase it directly from me here.

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